Kubernetes Helm in AI

Kubernetes Helm in AI Embedded SOC

Kubernetes Helm in AI Embedded system on chip is a tool for managing Kubernetes package to do the:

  • new charts creation from scratch
  • Packaging charts into archive files
  • Interacting with chart repositories where helm charts are stored
  • Installing and uninstalling charts into Kubernetes cluster

For Kubernetes Helm, there are concepts of chart, config and release

Kubernetes Helm Components in AI Embedded SOC

The Helm Client  a command-line client for end users responsible for the following:

  • Local chart test and development
  • Managing repositories and releases

The Helm Library provides the logic for Helm operations which interfaces with the Kubernetes API server and provides the capability of:

  • Combining a charts
  • Configuration to build a release
  • Installing charts into Kubernetes
  • Managing the subsequent release object
  • Upgrading charts by interacting with Kubernetes

Helm Kubernetes Implementation in AI Embedded SOC

The Helm client and library is written in Go language.

The Kubernetes client communicate in AI Embedded Chips with Kubernetes for storing information in Secrets which is located inside of Kubernetes.

Common commands for Helm:

  • helm search: searching for charts
  • helm pull: downloading a chart to your local directory to view
  • helm install: uploading the chart to Kubernetes
  • helm list: listing releases of charts

Helm stores configuration based on the XDG base directory specification, for

  • cached files which are stored in $XDG_CACHE_HOME/helm
  • configuration which is stored in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/helm
  • data which is stored in $XDG_DATA_HOME/helm

Kubernetes Helm in AI


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